B Corporation Certified

Bioclinic Naturals continues to be a leader in local community and global scale responsibility. Being a Certified B Corporation® means we belong to a global community of like-minded businesses that we’re very proud to be a part of. It is operating on a triple bottom line, where people, planet and profit are all considered in our business decisions. We are proud to say we are a Certified B Corporation®. Here are a few of the ways that we, as part of the broader Factors Group of Nutritional Companies Inc., are striving to make positive change:
  • Environment – Factors Group has energy reduction processes in all manufacturing plants and will be carbon neutral in 2021.
  • Environmental protection – We have committed set aside land projects, and a heirloom seed bank on our certified-organic, non-GMO farm
  • People – We are B Corp™ Certified, and modern slavery aligned.
  • Land and raw material Protection – We are CITES certified, a founding member for ABC Plant Adulteration, and operate 1000 hectares of community organic farming.
  • Political government reform – Involved in Canadian policy development on product adulteration and medicinal cannabis reform.
  • Social and ethical – We offer migrant workers visa programmes, free healthcare programs, and subsidies to staff.
  • Education: Factors Group gives 10% of Whole Earth & Sea sales globally to The Plant A Seed Foundation which teaches children the importance of the environment by education on growing across Canada, and soon to be Australia.
Factors Group’s commitment to leaving the earth better than we found it is embedded in our core values and everything we do.