Frequently Asked Questions

What else does Whole Earth & Sea do to protect the environment?

And, because our Factors Farms are free from chemical fertilizers and never use pesticides, we are protecting the earth and ground water for future generations.


Does Whole Earth & Sea use pesticides on their crops?

The Factors Farms crops are fertilized only with compost and nitrogen-rich sea plants and are meticulously cared for by hand. No synthetic pesticides (or even permissible organic pesticides) are used – EVER!


Are most or all of the plants in the Whole Earth & Sea formulas from your own farms?

Many of them come from our farms – kale, alfalfa, spearmint, oregano, peppers, cilantro, parsley and echinacea to name a few. If the plant is not from our farms, you can rest assured that the ingredients we are using are from farmers known for their commitment to organic farming and who have the same high ethical standards as us. Each food source is rigorously examined for quality before being used in a Whole Earth & Sea product.


Are the vitamins and minerals fermented, USP vitamins, or a combination of both?

Most of the vitamins and minerals in the multivitamin and mineral formulas are from the fresh farm ingredients or from food sources such as organic algae (calcium), lichen (vitamin D3), sunflower oil (vitamin E), natto (vitamin K2), Indian gooseberry (vitamin C), selenium (sprouted garlic), Dunaliella salina (beta carotene), kelp (iodine), marigold flowers (lutein) and tomatoes (lycopene). Our proprietary formulas also utilize activated forms of vitamins to ensure that meaningful levels of key nutrients are delivered in the bioactive whole food formula.


Why is Whole Earth & Sea in glass bottles?

We use glass bottles because it is environmentally sound. Whole Earth & Sea uses glass bottles as well as outer packaging made from 100% recycled materials.


What is ISURA™, and is it part of Whole Earth & Sea?

ISURA is an independent organization, separate from Whole Earth & Sea. ISURA is a product certification organization for the natural health supplement and food industries, primarily serving as an analytical competence center for analyzing natural health products and technical materials at all stages of processing. ISURA offers a broad range of analytical methods such as mass spectrometry to ensure purity and potency of natural products. Some of the product certification services include:

  • Non-GMO and organically grown
  • Product potency and integrity
  • Pesticide-free and solvent-free


Where is the Whole Earth & Sea farm?

Our own Natural Factors farms is located in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and we refer to it as Factors Farms®


What is the vegan whole food source of the Vitamin B’s in the Whole Earth & Sea?

The B vitamins are sourced from fruits and vegetables contained in Farm Fresh Factors™, as well as produced via bacterial fermentation. Supplements produced through this natural process are extremely well absorbed, which leads to increased levels of the active forms.


What plants go into Farm Fresh Factors?

Whole Earth & Sea formulas are made using nutrient-rich ingredients from plants grown largely on our own farms. The Farm Fresh Factors™ contains:

  • Active Vegetables – organic kale (leaf), organic alfalfa (aerial), organic cilantro (leaf), organic parsley (aerial), caper (berry), organic artichoke (leaf), organic black radish (root), barley grass, cayenne pepper (leaf), organic celery (seed), organic beet (root), organic tomato
  • Cruciferous Vegetables – wasabi (rhizome) and fresh freeze-dried sprouted broccoli (aerial), organic upland cress (leaf),daikon (root), red radish (root), organic cauliflower (aerial),   organic cabbage (leaf), organic arugula (leaf), organic watercress (leaf), sprouted garlic (bulb)
  • Whole Fruit Ultra Polyphenols – grape, pomegranate, strawberry, organic cranberry, organic blueberry, raspberry, bilberry, organic Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica), schizandra berry, red orange, organic açai berry
  • Herbals and Plants – Theracurmin® (Curcuma longa) (root), organic decaffeinated green tea (leaf), organic milk thistle (seed), organic ginger (rhizome), organic echinacea (aerial), marigold flower, organic dandelion (root), organic oregano (aerial), organic peppermint (aerial), organic spearmint (aerial)
  • Whole Plant Sea Vegetables  – organic spirulina, organic chlorella, red algae, blue green algae, Dunaliella salina, kelp