We're devoted to producing sustainable supplements.
Because your health and the environment go hand in hand.


We believe the best way to care for the earth, and create the best wholefoods supplements we possibly can, is through organic farming. For almost 25 years, Canada’s pristine Okanagan Valley has been home to our organic farm. We plant non-GMO seeds. We use organic, regenerative agriculture practices like crop rotation and cover crops, and we fertilise using compost. We never use pesticides – even if they’re organic permissible ones. And we create pollinator habitats, to ensure that bees remain an essential part of our farm ecosystem.


We are proud to say we're a certified B Corporation®. This means people, planet and profit are all considered in our business decisions. We're committed to leaving the earth better than we found it - and this is embedded in our core values and everything we do.

Alongside our organic farming methods we've committed to set-aside land projects, and an heirloom seed bank. We offer migrant workers visa programmes, free healthcare programs, and subsidies to staff. And we give 10% of Whole Earth & Sea® sales globally to the Plant A Seed Foundation, which teaches children the importance of the environment through education.


Sustainability is more than just a corporate value for us. At Whole Earth and Sea®, we’re constantly working to reduce the amount of waste we generate, which is why we've worked hard to become carbon neutral.

We are committed to investing in green energy and efforts to continually reduce emissions in our own operations as part of our larger goal: leading sustainable practices to help us all live healthier lives.


We use glass for our packaging because it protects our supplements from UV light damage, preserving their quality. And because glass reduces waste and unnecessary use of energy. For packaging larger-sized products, it can be more sustainable to use other forms of recycled material, so we use post-consumer recycled plastic too.