Chocolate Overnight Oat Parfait


Oat layer: 

Top layer:

  •  1/3 cup unsweetened yogurt of choice
  •  1/3 cup frozen raspberries, thawed for 20 minutes
Garnish (optional):
Drizzle of honey and fresh raspberries or other fruit


  1. Blend first 3 ingredients in a blender until smooth. Transfer to large bowl. Stir in remaining oat layer ingredients. Cover and Refrigerate mixture for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  1. Once you’re ready to assemble, divide oat layer evenly into 3 jars.
  1. For top layer, combine thawed raspberries and yogurt in a large bowl. Lightly mash the raspberries depending on preference.
  1. Layer yogurt mixture into jars on top of oat layer. Garnish with honey (for a sweeter treat) and fresh raspberries or other fruit of choice.

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