All supplements aren’t made equal – Here’s what you need to look out for

By Tris Alexandra (Health and nutrition coach)

A nutritious diet provides the fundamental building blocks for a healthy body. But our busy lifestyles and exposure to numerous stressors can put us at risk of nutrient deficiencies. That’s where supplementation can be beneficial to fill nutritional gaps and support optimal health and wellness, so we feel energized and perform at our best.

With so many supplements available, the choices can be overwhelming and at times confusing. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal. So, what should you look for when purchasing a high-quality supplement to support your health?

Firstly, what are the supplements made from and does it contain wholefoods ingredients? Vitamins and minerals come in different forms impacting their bioavailability in the body, that is, how well the body can digest, absorb, and utilise the nutrient. Supplements made from wholefoods are concentrated foods and plants with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant compounds working synergistically as found in nature. Brands like Whole Earth & Sea® offer wholefood sources of ingredients, where possible in their supplements, including wholefood multis and fermented protein and greens, providing nutrient-dense plant-based nutrition to support optimal health.

Review the label and look for clean products with no added sugars, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives or hydrogenated oils. These additives and fillers are unnecessary. If you have any allergies or intolerances, check for potential allergens such as wheat, gluten, dairy, and soy, which are often used in supplements.

Certification and testing can also help you determine a high-quality supplement that is safe and efficacious. Some brands choose to conduct their own testing as well as have an unbiased third-party test the raw ingredients and finished supplement to verify the quality, purity, and potency. That way, you can be sure what is on the label is actually in the product. You want to check that the product has been tested to ensure it doesn’t contain unwanted contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Look for third-party testing logos on the label.

The sourcing of supplement ingredients is another factor to be mindful of when choosing high-quality supplements. Are they ethically sourced? Where supplements contain claims on the bottle such as sustainable, check that these are backed by appropriate certification.

Are any of the ingredients in the supplement ‘genetically modified organisms’ (GMO)? It is important to avoid GMOs as there are no long-term studies on the safety or potential effects of GMOs on our health. GMOs are heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and have a negative effect on the environment. Look for supplements that state ‘non-GMO’ on the label, so you can make a healthier choice when it comes to supplementation. Whole Earth & Sea® wholefood supplements are third-party tested to verify their products are non-GMO and pesticide and herbicide free.

Making informed choices when considering supplementation will help you choose a high-quality supplement to support optimal health and wellness alongside a nutritious diet.

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